How to Avoid Too Much Frost Build Up in Your Freezer?

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Frost is normal inside freezers, but if there is too much frost or if you just defrosted your freezer and it’s coming back fast, there might be an unseen problem that needs an expert Sub-Zero freezer repair technician to be fixed.

Sub Zero is a great brand of refrigeration systems and has been in the industry for years. Although Sub Zero is fairly new to the industry, the company has proven time and time again that they are the best. Each cooling appliance Sub Zero releases passes through various testing to ensure they work seamlessly. So, when your Sub Zero unit is malfunctioning, get professional Sub-Zero freezer repair that offers the best Repair Sub-Zero in Los Angeles.

So why is there too much frost build-up in your Sub Zero freezer? Here is why frost is building up:

  • You forgot to close the freezer door properly.

Sometimes, we hurry, and we don’t notice the freezer door not closed properly. When this happens, cold air escapes and warm air enters the freezer. The sudden temperature change can affect the freezer, producing more ice. If frost is not removed, the food inside the freezer will be affected, and you will have a hard time taking them out if you need them.

  • The gasket is broken.

The gasket is an air-tight seal around the freezer door that locks in cold air to regulate the temperature. If the gasket is broken or missing, cold air can easily seep out of the freezer, signaling temperature change and the ice to form to ensure that the freezer is at the right temperature. This damage requires instant repair, so don’t wait too long to contact a reliable appliance repair service provider.

  • The defrost sensor is malfunctioning.

Your freezer has a defrost sensor that signals the evaporation coils to slowly increase the temperature whenever frost starts forming. Once the frost is melted, the sensor sends a signal again to lower the temperature. If the defrost sensor malfunctions, it won’t detect frost build-up, and frost won’t get melted right away. So, have your sensor checked to see if it is malfunctioning and to know the next action to take.

  • The freezer is near empty. 

For a freezer to function properly, you should fill it with food.  When cold food is inside, it helps regulate the temperature; therefore, frost won’t build. So, fill your freezer with just the right amount of food to keep air circulation going and frost from forming.

If you want to avoid your freezer from frosting, here are the steps you can do:

  • Always ensure that the door is closed.

Suppose you are in a hurry, don’t forget to properly close the freezer door. This way, your freezer is tightly sealed, and you can avoid frost from forming.

  • Organize the contents of your freezer.

Organizing your freezer allows air to circulate properly and adds a nice touch. Remember to not block vents to ensure the air can circulate, and the freezer will properly preserve your food.

  • Never try to place warm or hot food inside the freezer.

Hot or warm food can affect your freezer’s temperature, so don’t place them inside. Allow your food to cool down at room temperature before placing it inside the freezer.

  • Take time to clean the gasket and condenser.

The gasket and condenser are two of the essential parts of your freezer, so don’t wait for them to get dirty. Always set a cleaning schedule for them to ensure your freezer’s proper functionality.

  • Use freezer-friendly containers.

There are freezer containers in the market thicker than the normal plastic bags. You can also get reusable bags to reduce waste. Use containers that are just right for your food, leaving small space for air. This way, your food is safe, and your freezer can preserve your food better.

If you have done everything listed above, and there is still frost forming, you might need to reset your Sub Zero freezer. So, here is how you can reset Sub-Zero freezer at home:

  1. Turn off your unit. 
  2. Turn off the breaker connected to your freezer.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds.
  4. Turn on the breaker and freezer.
  5. Check if your freezer is reset properly. 

If these steps still won’t work, it’s time for expert technicians to do the job.

Special Features of Sub Zero Appliances

If you are planning to buy a Sub Zero appliance and want to know more before you commit, then here are the features that only Sub Zero has.

  • Patented door seal system.

Sub Zero has its door seal system, unique to its products. So, you are ensured that even a slight nudge will tightly close your door.

  • Built-in air purification system.

With built-in air purification, you are ensured that your food is fresh and safe to eat.

  • Dual compressors.

Sub Zero pioneered the dual compressors, but most brands have this feature too. The refrigerator and freezer each have a compressor to prevent temperature malfunctions and frost.

  • Unlimited exterior options.

When you buy a Sub Zero appliance, you can choose from thousands of exterior and interior options, making your unit a unique one.

So, are you convinced that Sub Zero is the right choice? If so, don’t wait too long to get one!

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