Reasons Why Your Sub Zero Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

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Getting a Sub Zero refrigerator is one of the best choices you could make. Sub Zero has been one of the world’s best brands of refrigeration systems, surpassing some of the biggest names, each going through various tests before being released. Therefore, you are guaranteed that your unit perfectly works when you get it.

But, just like any appliance that’s been used for a long time, your unit could develop damages that could affect its performance.  A common failure on a Sub-Zero fridge and freezer is not properly cooling, but it can be quickly addressed if noticed right away. We listed why your Sub Zero unit is not working and when to get a Sub Zero refrigerator repair service.

  • Your vacuum condenser light is on

If your vacuum condenser light is on, it means that your condenser is actively turned on for 24 hours. The light means that your condenser is working extra hard to get the refrigerator to cool and be at the perfect temperature. Check if the coils are dirty, and clean them thoroughly. It is recommended to clean the coils once every six months and more often if there are pets. The evaporator coils might have tiny holes if the coils are clean, but the condenser light is still on. You’ll need to get a professional repair service to fix the problem.

  • Your refrigerator is leaking water

Leaking water means your refrigerator is not cool enough, and you’ll have to get it fixed right away. Don’t panic; it might be a clogged or frozen drain. You can check it and flush it with hot water to clear out the drain. If this does not work, there are several reasons why:

  • The filter housing might be cracked.
  • The inlet valve is malfunctioning.
  • The water tank assembly is leaking.

If this happens, you’ll need a trusted Sub Zero appliance repair expert in San Jose to get it repaired right away.

  • Cooling fans might not be working properly

There are different fans inside your refrigerator; if one or more is not working properly, there’s a high possibility that your refrigerator won’t cool. You will also need to get it checked by an expert to ensure that each fan is working, and if not, you can replace them with new ones. 

  • The thermostat and sensors are malfunctioning

Check your thermostat to see if it’s working properly. Sometimes, we forget to set the right temperature, and we immediately panic if the refrigerator does not cool. If it’s set correctly and still it won’t cool, you need to get your refrigerator repaired right away. This way, you can avoid your food and drinks from spoiling too quickly.

  • Your door seal is not latching

Refrigerator doors should always be sealed properly, so no cold air seeps out. Make sure you always close your door properly. If you notice your door doesn’t close all the way, or if the seals have a problem, you need to have it repaired. It could also affect your electricity consumption because your refrigerator will work harder to achieve the right temperature.

Features That Make Sub Zero Refrigerator Stand Above Others

Sub Zero refrigerators are not your typical refrigerator; they are the best in the market today. Here are the unique features Sub Zero refrigerators have:

  • Thoroughly tested before release

Each unit goes through various tests to ensure that they properly function and there are no problems with its parts. This way, Sub Zero can guarantee that you’ll have a flawless unit. 

  • All units have dual compressors

Most refrigerators only have one compressor that could have negative effects. With a single compressor, the fridge and freezer air mix leads to frosting and affects food and drinks. Now, Sub Zero refrigerators have dual compressors to avoid frosting and make food stay fresh for longer.

  • Built-in air purifier

Air purifiers in Sub-Zero refrigerators purify the air of mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and the gases released by decaying food. This keeps food fresher for longer and prevents the experience of opening the fridge and  being greeted by an unpleasant smell due to rotten food.

  • Every model has a vacuum seal

Unlike other refrigerators; Sub Zero refrigerators use an active vacuum seal to keep outside air out of the interior. This works with the air purifiers to help your food last longer.

  • Ingenious design

Sub Zero offers innovative designs which make it possible to have your refrigerator door exactly the way you want it. You can match it to your countertops to have a uniform look. Therefore, you can get the aesthetic kitchen you’ve been looking for.

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